Saturday, January 22, 2011

small glitch in the 'motivation' system...

I am a VERY motivated person. This is especially true when it comes to fitness and you will see why shortly. When I get an idea in my head it needs to happen asap; ideally five minutes ago. I often set goals for myself regarding losing weight, getting in shape, eating well, etc. This usually happens every Monday of the week, first of the month and ESPECIALLY on January 1 of each year.

As soon as I have set these goals, the process begins...
  • I get a gym membership - nothing is more motivating than having a barcode tag on your keychain with a popular gym name on the other side. It screams 'you're in shape' and that 'you take care of yourself.' You make fitness a priority and take your goals seriously... right?

  • I purchase new workout clothes - as a serious fitness devotee, one must exhibit their athletic intentions as part of their 'gym style'

  • New athletic footwear is a must - I recently dropped some dollars on the new(ish) Reebok EasyTone shoes that promise to shape your entire bottom half as you run your errands during the day. They are said to simulate walking (or running) on sand... or something like that.

  • I subscribe to fitness magazines - ok, I don't subscribe to ALL of them... I presently only have a subscription to Women's Health Magazine (and a few other ones, but they're not related). Then I make a trip to Shoppers Drug Mart and buy all the other ones.

  • I collect magazine cutouts - of various workouts, meal plans, fit people (for motivation)

Then, as someone who has a gym membership, workout clothes, is well-educated on everything from proper lunge form to how many servings of vegetables you should have in a day, I should automatically BE in great shape... right? Without actually having to GO to the gym, USE the workout clothes and put in the slightest amount of effort.

After all the shopping, reading, and magazing cutting, I am way too tired to go to the gym. Then I put on more weight and my new workout clothes no longer fit. Thank God feet don't grow from from weight gain - at least not much - so I don't have to buy new shoes on a regular basis.

Then the cycle begins all over again the following Monday, first of the month or each January...

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  1. HAHAH, I hear that girrl. I can totally relate.